Welcome to the largest online store of home medical supplies. Here you’ll be able to find everything you need for a proper health care, including the latest inventions in this field. Lift chairs, scooters, wheelchairs and transport chairs, walkers and rollators, canes and crutches, all kinds of mobility equipment. Everything that you need for bathroom safety, home tests and monitoring is also available in the store. Pay attention to a special section for diabetes management - diabetic monitors, test strips, lancets, diabetic skin care, foot care, support supplements, sugar-free candies, storage and travel packs etc. Special medical nutrition section offers the products which help you when you need a nutritional boost, you have swallowing difficulties or you’ve undergone a bariatric surgery, your post surgery dietary recommendations include some key nutrients. All kinds of supports and braces are available in the store. Slings and splint, knee and thigh braces, ankle braces, support wraps, arm and elbow braces - all these things will help you fixate your limbs and injured parts of the body. Not only do we offer medical supplies to manage specific medical conditions at home, but also items for an everyday life like antibacterial skin cleansers, ointments, disinfect wipes etc. Please keep in mind that there are several ways to save on medical supplies and equipment. You can save by auto-reordering, getting bonus points, using paperless coupons, promotions, sale and weekly online deals. Apart from the products which are on offered on the website, we have a well-trained staff who is ready to help you and to provide you with professional health care. See the full list of the hospitals where you can ask for a nurse and find the one which is near you.

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